“Go forth and do…”

“Required by law…”

“Brush your teeth!”

Every day we are bombarded with a host of commands. We give them, receive them, and are forced to interpret what they mean instantaneously.

But do we ever get a chance to reflect? To truly understand what a command is, and what it means? And if we had another chance, would we say something different? Do something different?

Would you rewrite the Preamble to the Constitution? Or the Bill of Rights? The Ten Commandments or Ninety-Five Theses? Or would you more fully explore what commands have meant in your life, and how they help create a world filled with wonder?


A.A. Rubin and Christina Castro
Adrienne Bardes and James Bardes
Alex Lewis
A.M. Williams
Angela Oddling and Russell Nohelty
Barbara Friedlander and Tintin Pantoja
Bryn Ziegler
Colette L. and Kang Jing
Charles D. Moisant
David Anthony
Dustin Nelson and Summer Steinhart
Eddy Heddington, Teresa Del Pilar, and Sam Prowse
Greg Wright and Dylan Caleho
Jack Holder and Rusty Gilligan
Jason Remick
Jay Mooers
Jessica Slusark
Jody Lynn Nye and Nicolas Touris
Joni Hagg and Kyle Irvine
Kevin Winslow
Leila Woods
Liz Young
Margaret Lundberg and Jesse Lundberg
Mary Bellamy
Matt Kund, Ertan Ceyhan, and Noah Rey
Melissa J. Massey
Rev. R. Ward Holder, Sebastian Varela Baino, and Evan Scale
Story Boyle and Sarah Morrison
Tom Pouncey and Francesca Romano
Travis Gibb and Martha Schwartz
Yuli Altamirano and Carlos Bonardi

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