The Great Command Meant Submissions

“Go forth and do…”

“Required by law…”

“Brush your teeth!”

Every day we are bombarded with a host of commands. We give them, receive them, and are forced to interpret what they mean instantaneously.

But do we ever get a chance to reflect? To truly understand what a command is, and what it means? And if we had another chance, would we say something different? Do something different?

Would you rewrite the Preamble to the Constitution? Or the Bill of Rights? The Ten Commandments or Ninety-Five Theses? Or would you more fully explore what commands have meant in your life, and how they help create a world filled with wonder?

If this sounds like something you’d like to submit to, click here to be taken to our submission form.


  • 2, 4, 6, or 8 pages
  • FOR ARTISTS ONLY – 1-Page Submission of art for a deluxe edition
  • Color only
  • Creative team in place

All aspects of the comic must be accounted for. Script, pencils, inks, colors, and lettering. If you are doing all parts yourself, please specify.

  • No double-page spreads

What We Want

  • Clear Story
  • Originality
  • Demonstrate Understanding of the material you are interpreting
  • Positive Online Reputation
  • Committed to helping crowdfund

What We Don’t Want

  • X-Rated Content
  • Slander
  • Denigration of others based on race, religion, gender, or lack thereof.
  • General horribleness to the world


  • Submission Process: November 15th, 2019 – January 31st, 2020
  • List of Accepted Creators posted: February 29th, 2020
  • Creation Process: March 1st, 2020 – June 30th, 2020
  • Launch on Kickstarter – September 1st, 2020

Helpful Hints

  • Originality

We love biopics. We love superhero stories. We love alternate histories There can be a place for them here. But we won’t be publishing a book only of one select genre. Try and discover your own original take on the prompt, it will help your submission!

  • Being Unpublished can actually be a bonus!

We love working with both established and new creators. Do not be afraid of submitting if you’ve never worked with anyone before.

  • Be careful with Tie-Ins

Tie-Ins are defined by us as stories that are part of a larger universe/story/IP of your own. While we may accept concepts and pitches that are Tie-Ins, bear in mind that your submission is supposed to stand alone. This is not supposed to be a prologue to your comic, but rather a self-contained story.

  • Talk with us and others.

If you want more info, please come join us on Facebook. If you have an idea, please talk with us. This group, and this anthology are designed to help you explore what your story means to you. Do not be afraid of it.

Once again, if this looks like something you’d like to submit to, here is the Google Form Link Again