The Cain Chronicles

Five years ago, the Test appeared. A perfect sphere, floating just above the Pacific Ocean. It arrived without warning, without reason, and none have claimed responsibility.

It invited the outcasts of society forward. Those that had been forgotten, or lost. To play a new game, one that only they were invited to enjoy. Inside the Test lay worlds beyond imagining. Olympus. Mars. Valhalla.

Entrants were given powers of the gods. Call down lightning. Raise the dead. Charm the souls of your enemies out of their bodies.

You could do anything in the test. Conquer new worlds. Delve into the vast expanse of space. Design the greatest loves of the galaxy.

So why would you ever choose to be Cain?


Arcane Inkdustries is proud to present The Cain Chronicles, a new series exploring personal identity, the meaning of morality, and the responsibility we feel for others.

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