Creative Partners

We are blessed to work with some of the best artists in the business. Feel free to click on one of the creators below to check out some of their works.

James Bardes – Illustrator, Dealing with the Apocalypse

Ed Bickford – Illustrator, Dealing with the Apocalypse

Carlos Bonardi – Illustrator, Dealing with the Apocalypse

Cari Dee – Illustrator, Dealing with the Apocalypse

Alana Fletcher – Cover Artist, Demon Riders

Phoebe Herring – Cover Artist, Dealing with the Apocalypse

Eric Muller – Illustrator, Demon Riders

Micah Myers – Letterer,  The Following Casework, The MC, Logo designer, The Following Casework, Awaken, Inc.

Lucas Santos – Illustrator, The Following Casework

Nicolas Touris – Illustrator, The MC, artistic contributor, Arcane Inkdustries

Saint Yak – Illustrator, The Calladseelee, Dealing with the Apocalypse

Chunlin Zhao – Colorist, The Following Casework