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Lost At School, Part 8

I was fuming now. “I didn’t even want to go to that school. And then that stupid boy started being mean to Lana for no reason, so I blew up the window and walked on out of there.”

The birds were quiet. They looked at me, considering. Then they turned to Lana.

“Someone was mean to you?”

Lana tried to disappear. When that failed, she nodded. “Uh huh.”

“What did he look like?” Nahc said.

“Nahc, you’re not going to do anything.”

“Did he have a badge?”

“Mr. Clops said…”

“Yeah,” I said. “A knife. With three paint drops on it.”

Whatever I said must have been the wrong thing to do. The other birds turned on Nahc, wings up defensively.

“No Nahc. You’re not going.”

“They’re going to try again.” He said.

“They always do. But Mr. Clops made that a BIG rule. No talking with them. Ever.”

“Heck with that!” He said. “If the Gratefuls want to start in on this again, I’ll settle this. Right now, you watch me!”

Lana and I looked at each other. “Gratefuls?”

“Human supremacists,” Nahc growled. “The paint drops are blood. Red, like real blood should be. They hate elves, dwarves, all the fae. But they despise the Reza. We’re tainted stock, even worse than the alien stuff.”

“And they live next to the Quarter,” one of the birds said. “Looking for a reason to mess with us.”

I glowered. I was right next to that boy. Relatively. He hated Lana, was probably thinking about hurting her too.

“They’ll be out of school in a couple hours,” Nahc said. “He’ll be out. Alone.”


“They’re the ones who put us in curfew!” He shouted. “They beat up on Juan, and we were the ones who got blamed for making sure they didn’t kill him!”

“And what are they going to do if you retaliate?” The bird said.

“I’m going.”

“We’ll tell Mr. Clops!”

“rrrrrrgggghhh…” Nahc flew up into the sky. “Zep Skargle Fla farktassikit! And sit on it too!”

I was hearing these words fade away. Nahc was being calmed down, he wasn’t going to do anything. The other birds were going to lead him back to the Waste Quarter. Maybe even Lana was going with them, make sure he was okay.

Perfect. That gave me a chance to do some good.

I ran back to Blue Wheel Academy. Finally, this was a problem I knew how to fix. Bad person at school. Beat him up, and suddenly there was one less one problem.

I saw the gardens come back into view. I gripped my staff, ready to fight. All right, whoever you were. Prepare to have your butt handed to you by…

“The Green Witch.”

A woman appeared in front of me. I stopped, and even backpedaled. The woman was tall. Easily over six feet, dressed in a magenta dress that highlighted her yellow skin. Dark hair fell in a wave around her face in elegance.

I hadn’t heard her approach at all. No magical signature, no portal. She was just there.

I couldn’t focus on that. The woman her hands from the folds of her dress, and pointed at me.

“Let us begin our lesson.”

copyright 2019 Jack Holder

Lost At School, Part 7

“Mel! Mel!”

I stretched, and kept walking. I looked up, and saw that Lana had followed me. I waved.

“Hey, Lana.”

She motioned back to the Academy. “You’re going to get in trouble.”

“Mmhmm.” I smiled. “Probably get about a bajillion demerits for that.”

“Isn’t that a bad thing?”

“Nah.” Of course it was. But it was a school bad thing. What were they going to do? Give me a bad report card? Whatever

Throw us in jail? If that could happen, the Mayor would already have done it.

Try and have me killed. I laughed. Get in line. Today I was going to enjoy the day.

Lana finally gave up, and just walked with me back towards the Spire. I started talking with Lana about the various gangs we’d have to deal with. The sheriffs and their deputies were a big one, especially if we ever moved out of our area. The Mayor’s Guard was like them, but actually scary.

Then there was the Half-Men southeast of town, and the Mer-Derers by the docks. Would really need to know more about them.

“And the Reza!”

The little pink-and-black bird boy was back. Dangling from a streetlamp, he was spinning in his ridiculous clothes. A few other bird people, or Reza, were flying around the area. Given the upturned hat on the ground with coins in the ground, I thought it was supposed to be a performance.

The bird boy flung himself off the lamp. Somersaulted and cartwheeled into the air, before landing in front of Lana.

“Lana!” He crowed. “Dearest Lana, the effervescent, the beauteous, the sublime. Marry me?”

The other birds burst into laughter. Lana blushed, and turned away. My eyes narrowed, and I could feel my mouth tighten. So I bopped him on the head.


“No joking like that,” I muttered.

“Who’s joking?” He said. “Lana, tell your bodyguard I only have honorable intentions for your…honor.”

Lana, however, was still turning a furious shade of red. She flapped around, trying to stay calm. “Um, hi Nahc.”

“Greetings and salutations.” He bowed low to me. “Nahc, the greatest crow that ever lived.”

A braggart boy. One of those. “Emelia.”

Nahc walked over to the hat and plucked a fruit out from its depths. He held it in his talon, and sat, taking a bite.

“So what brings you two lovely ladies outside here?” He asked. “Would have thought you’d be defending that tower. Or yourselves from every gang in town aiming for your head.”

“Thanks for the concern,” I said drily. “If not your help.”

He held up his wings. “Mr. Clops said not to get involved. We just got our curfew lifted. If you want to come to the Waste Quarter, even you humans will be tolerated.”

“Pass,” I said. “We were just at school. One place we’re tolerated at per week.”

“School?” Nahc looked perplexed. “Really?”

“Yup,” Lana said. “Blue Wheel Academy.”

“Blue Wheel?” the birds all crowded around Lana.

“What’s it like?”

“Is it really shiny?”

“Did you die?”

“It was stupid,” I said. “We had bad teachers, demerits, and a lot of jerks!”

copyright 2019 Jack Holder